Employment Law

There are various laws and regulations which require employers to provide their employees with certain wages or benefits, and to ensure employers do not attempt to take advantage of their workforce. For example, a company may not misclassify those who are really employees as contractors to avoid paying them benefits to which they are entitled, nor can a company require employees to regularly do overtime without compensating them for their extra work. Occasionally however, companies will not abide by their employment obligations, and due to the vast power imbalance that exists between an employee and their employer, it can often be very difficult for a single employee to enforce their rights and make the company pay them what they are owed.

Class actions can be an extremely powerful tool for leveling the playing-field between employers and employees and for providing access to justice for harmed workers. Class actions permit individual employees to band together to overcome the economic and social barriers that disadvantage individual employees who have been systematically denied proper pay and/or benefits. KND’s lawyers have experience and a track record of success in litigating employment class actions against large corporations and forcing them to pay their employees what they are owed.

Active Class Actions

23andMe Canadian Data Breach Class Action

Supreme Court of British Columbia

October 20, 2023

Canopy Growth Corporation

Ontario Superior Court of Justice

June 27, 2023

Ford Motor Company

Ontario Superior Court of Justice

April 19, 2023


Supreme Court of British Columbia

March 10, 2023

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