23andMe Canadian Data Breach Class Action

Supreme Court of British ColumbiaCommencement Date: October 20, 2023


We are receiving a significant volume of inquiries from affected 23andMe customers. To submit your inquiry or register your contact information, please send an email to [email protected] and indicate 23andMe Class Action in the subject line. We will review all the submissions in relation to this proposed class action, and will contact you if we require additional information. Otherwise, we will contact you when there is a major development in relation to this file. Thank you.


This is a proposed customer privacy class action against 23andMe Holding Co. and 23andMe, Inc., who provide biotechnology and genetic testing solutions to customers. The class action arises out of the data breach that affected customers’ highly sensitive and highly valuable personal information in 2023. As a result of the data breach, which was reported in October 2023, personal information of millions of the defendants’ customers was made available for sale on the Dark Web.

The action alleges that contrary to their promises, statements and representations, as well as the privacy regulation and industry standards applicable to them, the defendants did not introduce, implement or maintain proper or adequate data retention and data protection practices. The action alleges that the data breach was enabled or prompted as a result of the defendants’ willful or reckless conduct in violation of their own representations and the standards applicable to them to safeguard the highly sensitive and highly valuable customer data in their control, custody or possession.

The action seeks to recover compensation for the benefit of the defendants’ Canadian customers who were affected by the Data Breach.

KND Complex Litigation is co-counsel with the Vancouver-based law firm of YLaw Group on this class action.

Class Membership Criteria

All natural persons residing or domiciled in Canada whose sensitive personal information was accessed by unauthorized parties or otherwise compromised in the course of or as a result of the Data Breach;

Excluded from the Class are the directors, partners, officers or senior employees of the Defendants or any of their subsidiaries;

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