Consumer Protection & Product Liability Law

When consumers spend their hard-earned money on goods and services, they rightly expect to get what they paid for. Sometimes however, a company may mislead consumers about its goods or services, or sell them a product that is defective or dangerous, or advertise one price and then charge a much higher one that includes numerous undisclosed fees. Oftentimes these companies can get away with their actions because it is not worth it for each consumer to go after them for just their own individual losses.

KND’s lawyers use class actions to bring individuals together and combine their losses in order to go after unscrupulous companies and make them compensate their customers for their defective products or unfair business practices. Be it automobile manufacturers who lie about the safety or environmental efficacy of their vehicles, pharmaceutical companies who cover up the known risks and side-effects of taking their drugs, financial institutions who mislead about their fees and charges, or any other defective product or deceitful business practice, our lawyers will diligently work to recoup compensation for consumers for the damages that they have suffered from buying, using, or subscribing to such goods or services.

Active Class Actions

Victoria Gold Corporation

Supreme Court of British Columbia

May 11, 2021

Braxia Scientific Corp. (formerly "Champignon Brands Inc.")

Supreme Court of British Columbia

April 20, 2021

South Coast British Columbia Transport Authority (TransLink)

Supreme Court of British Columbia

January 06, 2021

Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd.

Superior Court of Quebec

December 22, 2020

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