Hadi is a litigation lawyer admitted to the practice of law in Ontario and British Columbia. Hadi’s practice is predominantly focused on class actions and securities litigation, with Hadi having acted as class counsel in many notable securities class proceedings litigated in recent years. Due to his having taken an interest in capital markets and econometrics from an early age, Hadi’s professional career has always been motivated by a desire to protect the interests of investors.

A representative sample of Hadi’s work include acting on the class counsel team in:

  • a securities class action against a large global pharmaceutical company which recently resulted in a settlement used to fund the creation of an Investor Protection Clinic at the Faculty of Law at McGill University in Montreal, as well as provide additional funding to the Investor Protection Clinic at Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto;
  • a securities class action against a multi-billion dollar gaming company which resulted in the largest settlement for an action involving alleged insider trading as well as the highest percentage-recovery based on secondary market liability limits under applicable securities legislation in Canadian history;
  • a securities class action against an accounting firm for alleged misrepresentations contained in financial statements that it audited, which was certified and settled for an amount that was greater than the applicable statutory liability limit;
  • a primary market securities action pertaining to an equity share offering in which the Divisional Court overturned the Motion Court’s partial denial of certification and certified a common law negligent misrepresentation claim against the underwriters for the offering;
  • a securities class action against a mining company where the Court in granting leave to proceed with a statutory secondary market claim, held that for the purposes of the Securities Act a statement could be both a misrepresentation and a partial correction related to the same alleged undisclosed material fact; and
  • a securities class action in which the Court held that Ontario was the correct forum to litigate the claims of Canadians who had purchased their shares on an American stock exchange when there was a corresponding action on behalf of those who had purchased their shares of the same company on a Canadian stock exchange.

Hadi holds a BMOS (hons., dbl. major.) from the University of Western Ontario, and a JD and MSL from the University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Law. Outside of work, he enjoys travelling and rowing.